10 More Tips, Tricks and Ways to Save Money this Christmas

10 More Tips, Tricks and Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Christmas is a merry time, expect for the huge credit card bills that leave us holding our heads. This season can cause a dent in your pocket, if you don’t spend wisely. So use these tips and tricks to save yourself some money this Christmas!

10 More Tips, Tricks and Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Let’s go through each one of them here.

  1. Prepare a budget

You end up spending a lot more than expected when you don’t have a budget in hand for all the Christmas shopping. So prepare a budget for your Christmas shopping this year and arrive at an upper limit. Also mark some items which can be skipped and are not necessarily required. This kind of planning will help save a lot of bucks! [ Check out: 10 Best #Christmas Gifts to give to your loved ones


  1. Personalized gifts made by you

A gift does not mean that it is expensive diamond jewelry or a high end phone. It could also be a simple box of homemade cookies by you for your relatives.  You could also gift something you can create, for e.g. a photo collage or a mixed tape. This makes the person feel more special and it will help you save a lot of money. They might even preserve your gifts for a long time.

  1. Cherish the time, not the gifts

Christmas is not just about the gifts. It’s a time to sit with the family and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s about cherishing the moments and being thankful for all that you have. Make efforts to bond with people over conversation and hugs rather than just presents. Make the party livelier with a lot of music and indoor games.

  1. Buy gifts before hand

Why buy gifts when the prices are so high during Christmas? Buy them before hand, a month or two earlier than Christmas. Things like perfumes, shoes and bags can be bought months in advance as they don’t wither away or spoil soon. That way, you will save a lot on the money front.

  1. Save on wrapping paper

Don’t buy fancy wrapping papers from the malls since they cost a fortune, especially when bought in bulk. Instead, use up your colored magazine papers or old wrapping papers that you might have. [ Also read: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this #Christmas ]

  1. Gift Tags

Use greeting card cut outs or craft paper cut outs to tag your gifts. They will cost you lesser and you can match the color of the wrapping paper along with the magazine paper or greeting paper to make it look smarter.

  1. Go to the market

Get your veggies and fruits from the local market instead of a super market. This will help you save a lot of money and you won’t have a dent in your credit card just by going to the super market.

  1. Sharing is caring

Ask your friends and family to bring a thing each for the get together. Tell them how you loved the pudding they made last month and how you would love to savor it this Christmas. This will make the party livelier since everyone will have something to offer and share. It will reduce the burden on you as well.

  1. Shop Online

Save on your petrol and fuel prices. Shop online. Redeem your discount vouchers and promotional codes given by many stores online. Occasionally, you do find that online prices are comparatively lower than prices quoted in malls and retail stores.

      10. Play Secret Santa

This makes Christmas more fun and enjoyable. Play secret Santa where in your entire family or friends gather around and pick up name chits of each other. Each person will get one name and they will have to buy them gifts. This way each one has a secret Santa and each person has to buy gifts only for one person rather than ten people. This is creative and fun game and also can save you a lot of money. [ Read here: 10 Tips to Make #Christmas Memories That Last ]

How do you plan to save your money this festive season? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section.