10 Issues on Which Men and Women Always Differ

10 Issues on Which Men and Women Always Differ
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10 Issues on Which Men and Women Always Differ

Though different couples suffer with different problems in their relationships but there are some common issues which are most of the time there between girls and boys. These issues are mainly there because of the nature they have as being from different genders. Now guys will obviously like metal music, high-techs bands, Leone in bikini, and much more technical, whereas girls might be interested in Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran to soft music and movies like Twilight than watching ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ or WWE. [ Read: 10 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do In A Happy Relationship ]

Here are 10 issues on which inevitably any couple would differ no matter how much in love with each other .

 Differing on taste of music

The biggest different of taste appear here. You are with your partner on a long drive- now war will start on the music playing inside the car for that time being. Phew! Metallic music- girls hate it too much! Taylor Swift- guys can’t stand it. So the war will began. [ Read: Long Distance Relationship Songs You Should Listen to ]

Differing on taste for movies

She in most of the cases will like Twilight or Cinderella story but her lover, it’s better if he doesn’t get to know about this because any day he will hate it, yes if your interest in movies are like James Bond or 300 you can any day share it with him!

Sports tug-of-war

You decide to spend your weekend at your boyfriend’s place. But make your mind before you reach his place that a fight is going to take place on his choice of Sports channel and your wish for watching Pretty Little Liars. A tug-of-war is surely to begin. [ Read: 50 Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility ]

Shopping- the biggest ghost in relationship!

Now guys really can’t stand it truly. No matter how much they show they are cool with you spending your days on a simple thing like ‘shopping’ they really don’t like it. When you spend their two precious things on shopping- their Time and Money.

Cheesy talks

Well! Psychologist say that men as compared to women are more practical in nature in a way no matter if they are in love or not they will most probably expect rationality in love from their partner. Whereas girls expect some show off, loving compliments and to some extent some cheesy talks with their boyfriend. They expect their boys to show love and care not only in their actions but in their words too. This difference sometimes create problems between them. [ Read: How to be Romantic without Being Cheesy ]

Love for abusive language-girls hate it!

We all know its true boys are very naughty in their nature whereas girls are mostly shy, calm, and submissive in their nature. Sometimes this naughty feature of boys allows them to be ‘cool’ and use any kind of indecent language in their talks, with their girls too. That’s where girls start to judge their boys and take it very seriously! Not knowing this that boys use it in front of them more when they are either in fun mood or in careless mood.

Adult jokes- offensive for girls!

ADULT JOKES- boys best friend and enemy to girls. Well this is the tool which is used by guys to make fun of things that are considered to be indecent. But since guys find them funny and take them as a source of entertainment they often crack it. Which girls find not at all suitable. [ Read: Different Romantic Gestures from the Olden Days that Girls Miss ]

Family talks- waste of time for guys

Girls are generally very loving and emotional. They tend to respect and love those who are close to their hearts and with whom they are living like their family members. Girls usually like to talk about their family members but guys find it really boring and waste of time.

Too much bro-time!

Well! For girls their boyfriend’s friends are the biggest threat to their relationship. Girls generally don’t like their boys spending too much time with their buddies. Whereas guys can listen anything about themselves, but you question their friends and their friendship they will kill you! [ Read: How to Get Your Lover’s Friends to Like You ]

Praise her friend- be her next ex!

Girls are quite different when it comes to their friendship, well they love their friends but when it’s about their boyfriends giving even a little attention to girls friends with them, they will bring the situation where your relationship will be at stake.

You are free to share your experiences, if you think there are many other issues on which men and women generally differ with each other and are not enlisted here.