10 Flirting Moves You Can Learn From Famous Movies

10 Flirting Moves You Can Learn From Famous Movies

Looking for some flirting moves are you? Movies are a reflection of our life but at the same time there is so much that we can learn from them. There are several lessons to be learnt from movies and implemented in our life. If you are a shy person and have no clue as to how to flirt with people, then watching movies would be a good option. Movies can teach you so much about flirting and help you master a few moves that will lead you to score points with the opposite sex.

Watching movies is a great source of entertainment but if you watch them carefully and keenly observe them, you can learn a great deal about flirting from them. We all have our favorite characters and moments from films that leave an impact on us. We adapt these methods and use them in our lives. You will come across several instances in your life which are similar to the ones that you see in movies. You can work your way out through those situations exactly the same way as the character in the movie did.

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10 Flirting Moves You Can Learn From Famous Movies

Here are 10 flirting moves you can learn from famous movies:

  1. Perseverance

Very rarely do we come across a character in a movie that makes his way through to the girl’s heart easily. It takes a lot off struggle and time for him to woo the girl. A very important lesson is to be learnt here. If you want to woo a girl, there is a slim chance of her being impressed by you on your first attempt. You have to keep trying until you succeed.

  1. Sense of humor

In most romantic comedies, the character flirts using his sense of humor effectively. You cannot impress anyone by having a dull and drab conversation with them. You have to use your wit and tickle their funny bone. If you manage to make them laugh, consider half the battle to be won.

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  1. Repeat your moves

Your moves might not have worked on an individual but you could try them on somebody else. If you have failed a couple of times, it does not mean that you do not know how to make a move. You need to use different moves on different people. If you fail to impress someone, move on to another person and try using the same moves on them.

  1. Melt their heart

Sob stories work big time. If you club your conversation with a sad chapter of your life, it could melt the person’s heart whom you want to flirt with. They will be sympathetic towards you and would get close to you. Do not create a story which is very dramatic or cook up something that comes across as unbelievable.

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  1. Being adaptive

Adapt yourself to the surrounding you are in. You need to gel with the crowd you are in and flirt with the person the way would want you to. You should be flexible enough to adapt yourself according to the environment you are in and put forward the kind of behavior that is in sync with the place you are in.

  1. Pick-up lines

Using pickup lines is very important when you are trying to flirt with someone. Sometimes, pick-up lines can work against you too. If you say cheesy one liners people will stay miles away from you. Think of some smart and creative lines that will impress others.

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  1. Dance

The ability to dance is always an asset. It portrays you as an energetic person and helps you make a good impression on people around you. If you consider yourself to be a good dancer, show your moves and impress them. Even if you are a bad dancer, you can still give it a try. She will appreciate the fact that you put in some effort to impress her.

  1. Show your sensitive side

People like you when you come across as a sensitive person. Bring your sensitive side to the fore and let them know how gracious a person you are by means of your flirting moves. Soft-hearted people are more trustworthy than people who are very rough.

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  1. Buy her a drink

This is one of the oldest flirting moves in the book which is often shown in movies. You go to a pub and notice a very pretty girl. You want to talk to her but have no idea how to go about it. Just walk confidently, pull out a chair and sit beside her. Then, ask her if you could buy a drink for her. This is your only chance to give a good account of yourself. Ask in a very classy and subdued manner.

  1. Be smooth

People who get overenthusiastic and aggressive can never hope to be successful with flirting. You have to be very smooth and charm your way through to a girl’s heart with some classy flirting moves. Let her know that you are interested in her but do not come across as desperate. Do not be pushy, and go with the flow. If you try too hard to flirt with her, she will know and would not show any interest in you.

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Movies are a great help when you want to flirt with someone. You can seek inspiration from various movies in which the character is shown to be a flirtatious person. Keep rewinding those scenes in your mind and implement them. The more the number of movies, the more you will learn.