10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know

10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know
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10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know

You might be in a relationship with your partner for a long time but after marriage, the equations of a relationship change. You are required to be mature and strong enough to deal with all the challenges that come along with it. Marriage exposes you to a new world and you must be ready to face it with your spouse.  [ Read: 11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations! ]

Here are 10 essential things all newlyweds must know:

  1. Money matters

Now that both of you are married, you keep a check on each other’s finances and exchange notes before taking financial decisions. You both have to run a house and raise a family together. So, you must work out the finances and plan everything. Savings are a must and you should think of various ways to save a part of your earnings. You must be honest with each other as far as finances are concerned. [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

  1. Have good understanding

You should understand your partner very well and support them in every situation. You might have known each other for some time but now is the time to have complete understanding of each other’s personalities.

  1. Take a stand

After you get married, both of you must become each other’s topmost priority. If somebody accuses your spouse of something, you must stand up for them. There will be times when your family will not approve of some of their decisions but you must stand by them no matter what.  [ Read: The Wedding Gift – Story ]

  1. Starting a family

Starting a family refers to having babies. You should start a family only when both of you are willing to do so. You must not force your partner to start a family if they are not ready for it. Do not rush in to it and you must respect your partner’s decision whatever it may be. Starting a family comes with many responsibilities and you must be ready to shoulder them.

  1. Changing the surname

Women are often asked to adopt their husband’s after marriage. But, it is neither a legal nor a moral obligation to do so. If your wife wants to retain her original surname then you should respect that. You are not changing your surname then why should she? The right to retain to retain her surname or adopt yours is hers.  [ Read: Find out are you Dating a Married Man? ]

  1. Making decisions

Both of you should have an equal say in making a decision. Do not do something that both of you do not agree on. In a marriage, it is important that you give your partner the same rights that you have given n yourself. Do not think that your opinion is superior to theirs. At the same time, do not become submissive and express yourself without any fear.

  1. The new family

Not only the two of you become a part of each other’s lives, your families too unite. Each of you has a new family now which you must accept with open arms. There might be some disagreements and you could take some time to adjust to your new environment, but you will get used to it eventually.  [ Read: Here are 8 ways to inspire unmotivated friends and family members ]

  1. Making adjustments

Even if you have known the person you have got married for some time, marriage asks you to stay closer to each other. When you decide to share your life with someone, you have to make some adjustments and prepare yourself accordingly so that you both live in a peaceful co-existence. Sometimes, you have to let go of something to accommodate your partner and you should not be remorseful about it.

  1. Making time

Making time for your spouse is very important. If your marriage is one setup by your parents then you should definitely make some time to get to know your partner well. There might be some awkwardness after marriage if you are not too familiar with your partner. You have to spend some quality time with them and make sure that our equations change for the better and both of you move towards a bright future together.  [ Read: Loving your Family ]

  1. Plan everything

Planning is very important in a marriage. Whenever you embark on something new, you must plan everything beforehand. Do not leave anything for the last moment. Be it a weekend trip or a big purchase, you must chalk out the details of how you plan to go about it. Both of you should plan things together to arrive at a mutually agreed decision.

Whether you have known your partner for some time or not, marriage always turns out to be a unique experience. It takes some time to get used to everything. So, you must be patient and determined towards making things work. Both of you need to work as a team to make it work. You must have a good understanding with your partner and communicate properly with them.