10 Dating Love Lessons 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You

10 Dating Love Lessons, 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You

Today ‘dating’ is nothing less than experiencing the flux of excitement within one self. To date someone, admire the, love them like it’s your first and the last of life and nevertheless to get into the relationship with them is all very galvanizing in one’s life span. Dating, since its start, have many phases which an individual from different eras have practiced. Yes the one practiced earlier in times are considered to be old ways today. So the new generation has new ideas for dating which also includes the help of the latest technology which was not available in the 80’s.  [ Read: 5 Modern #Movie Couples We Can All Learn From ]

10 Dating Love Lessons 80’S Teen Movie Can Teach You

But still, there are numerous ideas of the ‘80’s dating’ that are still successful even today. These ideas were depicted in many of the hit 80’s teen movies. And as it is very well said that “old is gold” so are these old dating ideas.

Hence, here we provide you with some of the old dating ideas from the 80’s teen movies:

  1. Don’t make assumptions for someone:

It’s very important for you to stop thinking of yourself as everybody else’s image reader. Yes, you often think of someone and then step back thinking that either the person is too good for you or is too bad for you. As it happened with Samantha in the movie ‘Sixteen Candles’. She found her right guy at the first go but this doesn’t happen with everyone. So instead of prior judging people you should give them a chance at least. This could be the best for your upcoming love life!  [ Read: Read: Best Tips To Look Attractive And Draw Their Attention ]

  1. Self-Confidence? YES, it Matters:

Lack of self-confidence will always deprive you from getting into relationships. If u have self-confidence you can easily attract and impress the person in front of you. Also the more you are confident, the better you speak out. The movie ‘Ferris Buellars Day Off’s character Ferris, was appreciated by everyone in the movie for his confidence. Even you can face the appreciation once you start showcasing your self-confidence or else, you won’t be able to handle your relationship even, due to the lack of confidence.

  1. Make romantic gestures:

As well said, “Actions speak louder than the words”. It is a fact that if either of the two lovers makes a good romantic gesture for the other one, then the strength and as well as the life of your love will increase. Exhibition of the romantic gestures by one also levels up the confident of their partner, for they get the assurance of love by other’s actions and also feels special at the same time.   [ Read: Different Types Of Love Everyone Experience in Life ]

  1. Be approachable:

Your personality has a lot of impact on the other person. This impact may be either good or bad, as it depends on the way how you approach them and what ways of yours you put before them. First at the place, is the ‘body language’ that matters. Your body language speaks a lot than what you really talk. Hence, you should use your body language in a much refine manner while approaching someone, especially whom you like. In the 80’s flick, ‘the breakfast club’ this is showcased at its best.

  1. Don’t merely depend on technology:

Communication is very important in dating, so don’t make yourself dependent only on the technology when it comes to communicate to your partner. In the early 80’s there were no social media applications to communicate. But still, they managed their relationships at a good phase; going by the movie ‘sixteen candles’, one will move ahead of the means like text messaging and etc…When it comes to communicate to your partner.  [ Read: Difference Between Love And Friendship ]

  1. Make the good use of even the bad situations:

Sometimes you might be very sad of any situation that took place but still, you can look around and make a good use of it. As shown in the 80’s movie ‘The Breakfast Club’, suppose you get stuck in your class with your assignments, yes probably one of the worst situation that one can ever face. But, instead of being sad and doleful, you can turn this stuckness into an opportunity to talk to someone especial, with whom you did not have a conversation ever before but, always wanted to talk to. Thus, this can be a help to you to date in a better way.

  1. Don’t wait for too long:

Life is very short, so enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t wait for the things to happen. Instead of consciously looking for someone very special just get around and see whom so ever can you be happy with and go forward with your relationship status.  As shown in movie ‘Ferris Buellars Day Off’, the protagonist does not get someone very special but, instead he gets someone with whom he is very happy with at the first place.  [Read: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why ]

  1. Rise beyond your limitations:

When you want to date someone it is very natural with you tendency to find someone who is somewhat of your type. But, don’t let this this type factor to come into your criteria at a larger extend. Come out of your ‘self-type’ thing. Because this might help you to date a person who might be much better than you. Thus, this will also help you to develop a good personality overall.

  1. Have a closer look in your house circle:

Many of the times it happens that for what you search out is nearby to your home. So instead of the constant search for the perfect match, go around in your own circle where, you might find someone who really likes you and visa-versa too!  [Read: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time ]

With all the above listed ideas of dating from the 80’s flicks, makes us to acknowledge the fact that even in the earlier times, lot of flirting was done that too with great efforts for the opposite partner. Love in this era also had a great significance and is nothing less than that is of today.