10 Cute Ways to Remind Your Boyfriend that You Love Him

10 Cute Ways to Remind Your Boyfriend that You Love Him

Love is a beautiful feeling. Love is pure, honest and insecure. We need to constantly remind someone we love, that we love them and will always remain by their side. Often, assurance and confrontation of your feelings helps people bond and remember each other’s romantic side. It is essential that in today’s busy lives, we try to remind our loved one how much we love them time and again.

10 Cute Ways to Remind Your Boyfriend that You Love Him

Girls usually enjoy doing things for their boyfriends. Here are 10 cute things you could do to show him how much you heart him.

  1. Write your love story

Write up your love story, including the details of how you both met, how he proposed, what was your feeling like, and how you both got into a relation and started loving each other more and more. If you are a blogger, you can blog about it or Instagram it with various pictures. Facebook videos also can help create a decent story about your romance.  [ Read: True story of love, promises and search ]

  1. Prepare a monologue and recite it

You can prepare a monologue of any movie that you both enjoyed and he really loved it. Recite it in front of him or even better, record it in and let him play it when you aren’t around. This will let him know how much you love him.

  1. Pack him a lunch with a sweet note

If you are his dearly wife or his live in partner, nothing helps than mouth-watering food accompanied by a love note by their partner. This will make him remember you at his workplace and appreciate your efforts as well. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

  1. Wear a dress he really loved

Guys have fantasies of watching their girlfriend in the dress they loved. It could be an evening gown or skirt. It could even be a traditional wear of his culture. Dress up to please him and it will go miles in saying how much you love him

  1. A surprise gift

Gift him something he always wanted. Get him that Rolex watch or that priced briefcase that would surprise him to no end. A gift without an occasion will surely go a long way in conveying your feelings for him.  [ Read: Cute Gift Ideas For Him And For Her ]

  1. Send him a romantic text

Texts go long way in reassuring your partner. Send him a heartfelt long and meaningful love message over his phone. This will make him smile and think about you all day long.

  1. Compliment him

Guys usually don’t get enough compliments. Make sure you give your boyfriend enough compliments that boost his self-esteem and make him feel great about himself. He will love you more if he loves himself enough. Make him feel worthy and important.  [ Read: 18 Ways Of Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ ]

  1. Write him a love letter

This is an old way to express love. But as you all know, old is gold. This will go down the memory lane forever and he will always treasure your written words of love on a colorful piece of paper.

  1. Make him laugh

Guys love the girls who can make them laugh and forget all their worries. So put on your clown hat and make him laugh in a subtle way. Show off your humorous side and sense of humour in front of him. Act silly and sweet at the same time. This will surely show him how much you care. [ Read: Love make us laugh, Love make us cry ]

  1. Send him a cute selfie

Guys love to see images of their girlfriends donning various dresses and all decked up. Send him cute selfie pictures of you at various times of the day. Be it from your workplace, home or your friend’s home. It will go a long way to show him how much you love and care for him.

What are your ways remind your boyfriend that you love him and care for him?