10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship

10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship
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10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship

You have just got in to a new relationship and you have a hundred things in mind that you would like to discuss with your partner. But hold on! You are in the primary stage of your relationship and while you could talk about a few things there are certain things that must be reserved for the future. You must give the relationship and let it develop and grow to a certain extent before you discuss those things. Do not get anxious and rush in to things. Give yourself and your partner some time to know each other and get used to the relationship. A relationship grows over a period of time and rushing in to things by discussing a few things with your partner can out them in a spot.

Here are 10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship:

  1. Physical intimacy

Every person has physical needs and when you are in a relationship it is but natural to want to get intimate with your partner. But, you must control your desires in the initial stage of the relationship. Even if you are fine with getting physically intimate with your partner, your partner may not be ready for it. Give them some time and they will get comfortable eventually. You will be able to figure it out yourself when they get close to you.  [ Read: 11 Things a Break-up can Teach You about Life ]

  1. Financial matters

The financial responsibilities should be shared equally. When you go out for a movie, dinner or a drive, the expenses should be shared equally between the two of you. However, you must refrain from discussing budget issues at this point. Talking about money or finance, though essential, can out of your partner at this stage. Do not get upset if you are the one bearing all the expenses at the moment. Your partner will start contributing eventually.

  1. Tying the knot

These days, most young people prefer knowing each other fully well before getting married. Getting married is a huge decision and one that must be thought about carefully. Though both of you like each other, you must wait for some timer and discover each other properly before you take the big decision. You both are young and have time at your disposal. So, there is no need to hurry.  [ Read: Do You Often Feel Stressed Out? This will Boost Your Happy Hormones ]

  1. Career

Career is a very important part of your life. It needs a lot of attention from you and often calls for making some important decisions that could have an effect on your personal life. You might like to move to a different city in search of better prospects or make some other decision that would lead to geographical distance between the two of you. Although it could prove to be difficult, put those plans on hold for some time because at this point, it is your relationship and your partner that needs your attention.

  1. Seeking advice

We always seek advice on various personal and professional matters from our dear ones. Now, when you are in a relationship, you would naturally lean towards your partner for some guidance. You must do that but not right now. You do not know your partner very well and you clearly have no idea whether they could offer you some sound advice. Their level of intelligence, maturity or perspective is something that you are not aware of. Know them well first and then you could seek their help.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love]

  1. Having kids

As stated earlier, you must put your marriage plans on hold for some time. If you have not talked about marriage, there is no point in talking about kids. You cannot go to the second stage without crossing the first one, right? After you get married, you will talk about kids. The both of you are young and should enjoy life at the moment. Do not think about the distant future and get worried about it.

  1. Living in

Living in with your partner in the sane house can help you get to know them better. But, you must put across this suggestion only when they are comfortable sharing a home with you. Your partner may not be very comfortable with the idea of moving in at such an early stage of the relationship. Give them some time to get comfortable with you.  [ Read: 11 Things that Make a Man Attractive to Women ]

  1. The past relationships

Talking about your past relationships should not be difficult if you have a very understanding and mature partner. However, talking about your ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends initially would not be wise. You both have just started getting to know each other. So, ideally all your conversations should revolve around the two of you. There is no point in bringing your past relationship[s in to the conversation.

  1. Family

Once you both become an integral part of each other’s lives, you will tend to talk about your friends, relatives and family. Right now, it would be better if you keep family out of the discussion and restrict to conversation to yourself. What is the point in talking about your families when you both do now know each other sufficiently well?  [ Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important ]

  1. Serious issues

Every person goes through their share of struggle and hardships in life. You must have some problems that are very serious in nature. You should keep the conversations light and do not drag your partner in such issues. They will get worried thinking about your problems and now you should not let any such thing happen. Talk about the brighter things in life and keep them happy.

There are so many things that you both want to know about each other but there is a time for everything. Now is the time to develop your relationship and nurture it. Some conversations can happen later, when the relationship acquires a serious nature. If you want to propel the growth of your relationship, then you must steer clear of these conversations.