10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship

10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship
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10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship

A lot of young people want to reap the benefits of a relationship but are afraid of making a commitment. Such people get in to, what have come to be known as, casual relationships. There is nothing wrong about a casual relationship as long both the people involved in it are aware of the nature of the relationship.  [ Read: 7 Little Ways to Stop Being So Jealous In a Relationship ]

But then, things can go terribly wrong if one of you starts seeing it differently and the relationship takes a serious turn. You could end up hurting your partner or doing something that would spell doom for the relationship. If you are in a serious relationship, then treat it as one. There are certain lines you should not cross and a few rules you must abide by.

Here are 10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship:

  1. Make yourself clear

Make your intentions clear to your partner. You should let the person know that you are looking for a casual relationship and not a serious one. Ask them to keep their expectations in check and do not have any wrong notions about it. Set the rules and guidelines before you embark upon the relationship. You need to be specific and clear about your thoughts.   [ Read: 11 Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated and Cared For ]

  1. Respect each other

The relationship may not be serious in nature but it is a relationship after all. You must treat your partner with utmost respect and give them all the love they deserve. The fact that it is a casual relationship does not give you the license to take your partner for granted.

  1. You are answerable

Even if it is a casual relationship, you have certain obligations towards your partner. Both of you are equally entitled to ask questions to each other and being answerable to them. You must answer every single question posed by your partner and give them honest answers.  [ Read: 11 Facts about Guys that can Help You Read his Mind ]

  1. Loyalty

The relationship could last for a short duration but you must be completely loyal to your partner during this period. Both of you are in a relationship and you must respect that. If you cheat on your partner behind their back, then you have no right to get offended if they do the same. You must not hurt their feelings by betraying the trust they have placed in you.

  1. Conversations

Make time to talk to your partner. If something is bothering you and even if you feel it would be unreasonable to discuss it, you must talk about it. Like every relationship, a casual relationship also has its share of frailties and issues and you must resolve them by talking to your partner. [ Read: 50 Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend ]

  1. Do not cross the line

Do not take undue liberties with the word ‘casual’ by crossing boundaries that you are not meant to cross. Your partner and you have set certain rules which apply to the both of you. Neither of you has the right to break those rules. If you do, you must be ready to bear the consequences.

  1. The next level

Casual relationships are bound to end someday. But, if you have started developing intense feelings for your partner and want to get serious about the relationship, then you must talk it out with your partner. Keep your expectations low and accept your partner’s decision, whatever it may be, gracefully. Your partner may not share the same thoughts as you and could want to keep the relationship casual. You must respect that.  [ Read: 7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache ]

  1. Preferences

Talk about your preference to your partner. Your partner must know all the smallest details about you – what you like, what you a\re not too fond of. These small details go a long way in strengthening the relationship with your partner as you know what would make them happy and what could upset them. In a relationship, you need to know everything about your partner so that you can surprise them from time to time.

  1. Keeping it under wraps

If one of you is not comfortable with the idea of making the relationship public, then so be it. A casual relationship, in all probabilities, would not last for a long time. Thus, there is no point in letting everybody know about it when you are aware that it would not last forever. Do not change your relationship status on Facebook and stay away from meeting at places where your friends could spot you. Of course, this can change if both of you have no issues making it public.  [ Read: 11 Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People ]

  1. The end

When you got in to a casual relationship, you were fully aware of the fact that it would come to end someday. You signed up for it after being completely in the loop. You both could figure out the duration of the relationship before you get in to it. Even if you do not decide on a date, do not get mad at your partner if he suggests a break-up. Both of you have equal rights to call it quits as when you feel like. That should be done without hurting each other feelings, of course.

A casual relationship can often lead to complications. Before getting into one, you must question yourself whether you really want to do this. It has its perks but there are some disadvantages as well. You must be okay with all the terms and conditions that come handy with this relationship and must fulfill them. If you follow these rules, then you would enjoy a healthy relationship.