10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys that Girls Don’t Know About!

10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys that Girls Don’t Know About!

Just as girls, guys too have turnoffs which you won’t be knowing about or having a hard time noticing them. Do you have that feeling that talking about your ex-boyfriend 24/7 would keep him entertained? No, you need to come out of it. Guys hate it. Being perfumed too much all time might give them a nose ache and irritation feeling. You could have just failed to know all of these points.  [ Read: Clear Signs of 10 Creepy #Guys To Completely Avoid ]

10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don't Know About

So, go ahead and read them, it might just help in betterment of your relationship!

  1. Don’t be too desperate!

One big turnoff for guys is that they literally hate a girl who seems too desperate. You don’t need to be all clingy all the time and constantly telling him that you can’t live without him. It is actually too much at times. A girl will love a girl who is independent and who only depends on him when she actually needs help. Take this into consideration. Be light and not too over in everything.  [ Read: The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men ]

  1. If you have something interesting, speak up!

Some girls might think that guys like to have dumb girls by their side. This no longer exists in today’s time. Guys love girls who actually have brains and who speak up their minds. So, if you have something to tell, speak it out loud, don’t just shy away! You should have your strong opinions which differentiate you from the other lot.

  1. Say bye to your past!

Guys hate it when his girl constantly talks about her ex-boyfriend. What’s over should be over by now and one should definitely not drag it further for a lifetime. If you are still attached to your ex, then it’s not a good idea to be in a new relationship. You should give it time. This is one big turnoff for guys that they absolutely hate them most! [ Read: Girls Here Are 10 Big Perks Of Having A Guy As Your Best Friend ]

  1. Nobody likes bitterness or rude behavior!

Just as you don’t like anybody being rude to you, your boyfriend too doesn’t like to be treated with rudeness. I’m not saying you need to be happy – happy all the time. Everybody has their share of bad days. But if your bad days actually over weigh your good days, then you don’t need to take that out on anyone. You should try to be welcoming in general and not one of those rude girls.

  1. Don’t give him any mixed signals!

You might hate it when you know a guy likes you and he commits to you in the first place but then ignores you as the days pass. Men too hate mixed signals just as we do. A relation should be crystal clear from both the ends which should satisfy both the partners. Try not to confuse him with your actions and plans. Most men actually like women who are blunt and upfront in what they want in life. [ Read: Top TEN Ways To Make Sure He Is The One ]

  1. Don’t be like an open book, give him some mystery!

Guys get attracted to mystery type of women who always have deep dark secrets which are hard to discover. They like to discover and do not like the easy way to know it all. They desire to know more in the initial stage of dating, later on you go on and discuss each and everything. Tell him every detail of your life but piece by piece, so that the spice in your relation is still there. Keep some pages of your book still to be discovered, especially in the beginning of the new love. Your man would definitely love to explore more.

  1. Be original!

Peer pressure is a highly dangerous thing and you should try not to dwell into it. It might seem that all the girls are wearing red lipsticks and black dresses, but that doesn’t mean you have to go the same. Guys love girls who are original and fresh. Every guy wants his girl to be special and to be different from the lot. Don’t be afraid to break out from that shell. Give yourself a chance, show up! [ Read: Best Ways For #Guys To Get Her Eyes On You ]

  1. Never ask for money!

It’s a gentleman thing to reach for the check but at least you should reach for your wallet. You should not just totally depend on him to pay every time. He might not want you to pay, but he will definitely appreciate your offer. He will never say no to you for asking to give you money. But you should avoid it as much as you can.

  1. Don’t talk too much!

Guys have too much to share and to talk about. Give them a chance to speak. Girls who really talk too much, in excess, generally don’t go for a second date. It is because excess of talking is sometimes repelling. It’s a must thing to keep some balance in a conversation. It’s like tennis, ball once goes to one person, then to the other. Give your partner a chance to share what he has in his mind. [ Read: The 6 Things #Guys Love Most About Women ]

  1. Don’t bring the jealous factor!

Most of the people are guilty to make their boyfriend jealous by speaking to another guy. This could even lead to a disaster. He might also think that you have lost interest in him and you’d rather be with somebody else. It’s never fun to watch if he does the same, if he flirts with another girl in front of you.

So, girls! Now, you know all the big turnoffs that you should not be doing to make your guy repel from you. It’s important not be over at times, just to be calm and composed. Now, go and woo your partner by turning him on!