10 Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas season is here and everyone wants to celebrate this occasion in a special manner. Nobody wants to go down the same routine Christmas celebration just involving a three course meal. What could be some fun and innovative ways to celebrate Christmas this year? Let’s have a look!

10 best ways to celebrate Christmas

  1. Go on a vacation

Go to another country and celebrate your Christmas there. Learn about the Christmas traditions and enjoy the festivities there! Or else just go outdoors with your family and have fun in the snow. Build a snowman or a Santa with snow. Go for a walk on a Christmas morning and enjoy the beautiful sunrise with your partner. [ Read:  10 more Tips, Tricks and Ways to save money this Christmas ]

  1. Prepare a new dish

Get very creative with your feast this year. Make Santa shaped cookies or star shaped sweets to celebrate the joy of Christmas. Instead of the regular turkey and ham, prepare a sea food buffet this Christmas along with variety of Chicken dishes.

  1. Volunteer

Remember to give back this Christmas. This will give you inner peace. Christmas isn’t just about presents and food. Remember the poor and homeless this Christmas. Make sure you make their Christmas better in any way you can. Donate something, or get an addict into rehab. Join a gift program for poor kids. Distribute food or sleeping bags among the less fortunate. [ Read: 10 Best Christmas Gifts to give to your loved ones ]

  1. Christmas Carolling

This is a fun way to spend your Christmas. Go out in a group and sing Christmas carols, because it brings so much joy! The people who hear it will also feel the spirit of Christmas around the corner. If you don’t really know the songs, get to learn them and gather a few friends and sing them for the elderly or around your neighbourhood. This feel a lot like Christmas!

  1. Decorate a Xmas

Tree Pick up a Christmas tree just the right size for your living room and decorate it along with your friends and family. Especially with your kids, since they will really enjoy this experience. Take a whole evening to dress that tree up and click a lot of pictures with the tree and around the tree! Use lights to make it beautiful and hang ornaments that you have always treasured. [ Read:  10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last ]

  1. Host the Christmas Dinner

If you haven’t yet hosted a Christmas dinner or party yet, it is the best thing to do this year. Call up your family and friends over to your place and rebuild your relations with them. Have a great feast lined up and small games which will increase the fun quotient. Make children a part of the party, by inviting their friends too and giving them space to play and bond with each other as well.

  1. Nativity Scene

Make a nativity scene with the help of your children in your garden or back yard. Make little figurines and angels. This will also help them learn about the birth of Jesus. Decorate the scene with lights and ornaments. [ Read: 100 Best and Unique Happy New Year WhatsApp Messages and Quotes { 2016 } ]

  1. Invite Santa Claus

Make the Christmas memorable for your children. Invite the beloved Santa to your home or become a Santa for the children around your neighbourhood. Sit with them and sing carols with them. Make sure your children get gifts from Santa and he tells them how good they have been this year! Leave a response letter by Santa for your child if he writes letter to Santa. He will start believing and his smile will make your Christmas so very special.

  1. See a Christmas play

Take your children and family to watch a play on Christmas, or attend a Christmas concert. This will give them a chance to learn about Christmas and will make you nostalgic about your childhood memories linked with Christmas. They will enjoy their evening as well as learn something about their culture. [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s Resolutions ]

  1. Christmas Book or Christmas Movies

There are so many children’s Christmas books and movies that a family can enjoy together. It can be a tradition which could be followed over the years. Make your children enact a play based on Christmas. This will make them busy and also spur excitement in them. Read Christmas stories to them and tell them about the joy of Christmas!

Do lets us know how you decided to Celebrate Christmas 🙂