10 Best Christmas Gifts to Give to your Loved Ones

10 Best Christmas Gifts to Give to your Loved Ones

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way; Santa Claus is coming around on a one horse open sleigh!

No one can resist the Christmas cheer. The entire surroundings change. Everything is lit up and beautiful. There are Christmas carols heard from far off. This holiday season is the best time of the year. It is a time to enjoy with family, friends and close ones! The best part about Christmas is giving and receiving wonderful gifts. Everyone waits for their gifts and it surely makes it worth the trouble by seeing the smile on their faces once they open the gift wrappers!

10 Best Christmas Gifts to Give to your Loved Ones

So what are unique and cute Christmas gifts you can gift this Christmas?

Let’s have a look!

  1. A Cook Book

If your mom, dad or girl friend loves cooking, there is no better gift than giving them a cook book filled with new and interesting recipes. This way they can enjoy the cooking and you can enjoy the meals

  1. A scarf

This is the best gift to give to your girlfriend. Girls usually love scarves and can’t do without them. Buy a scarf you think will go with one of her dresses. Also, she will hold the scarf close to her heart whenever she remembers you and misses you.

  1. A DIY gift

If you are a DIY fanatic, there are plenty gifts you can make for your loved ones at reasonable cost. The only thing you need to devote is time and patience. These gifts can also be very special and will be more remembered by people than others are.

  1. A Novel

If you have a friend who is a book lover, get them the recently released book which you think they would love to read. This will be extremely surprising and exciting for them. They will cherish your gift and it will instantly be added in their book collection.

  1. Foosball

Get your boyfriend a foosball table if he is much into sports. They will enjoy it with their friends and won’t resist from sharing that their adorable girlfriend bought them their treasured gift. It will also show that you are completely secure and want your man to have their fun time with their friends as well. [ Also read: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this #Christmas ]

  1. Personalized Stuff

There are a lot of sites you can find on Google, to personalize things. You can order a t-shirt or a coffee mug, a laptop cover or a key chain with the name of your boyfriend, girlfriend or sibling on it. This will make a normal present like t-shirt or a coffee mug extremely special and unique.

  1. A pizza delivery

This can be silly and funny. If you have a friend who is a food lover and can’t resist a cheesy pizza or a yummy donut, then simply surprise them with a food delivery at their place or if they are coming over to your place, you can place the order before hand on their name to be delivered at your place. They will be overjoyed and will instantly dig in to the treat you planned for them.

  1. A video message

If you want to send a gift to your parents or far off relatives, you can send them a recorded video message with wishes from each of your family member and how much you miss all of them. This can be quite special and emotional, especially for the elder people in your family.

  1. Headphones

If you have a brother or a guy friend, they would love this. Headphones are used by all youngsters these days, especially the boys. They love their music zone and can enjoy the movies and sitcoms without caring about disturbing anyone.

  1. A photo frame

Give them a photo frame with theirs and yours photo in it. This will take them by a surprise and they are bound to love it. It will also remind them of you every time they see it.

What is on your gift list this Christmas? What kind of unique gifts and presents have you planned for your loved ones? Share it with us in the comments section.