10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone

10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone

Breaking up with somebody is never a good thing to do. It can be hurtful and immensely painful. It impacts every individual in various ways in their lives. Thus, breaking up is a horrible thing to do, no questions asked! But sometimes, the pain of enduring a relationship is far more than the pain a break up can give. In these cases, you really have no choice but to break up with your lover for your own good or their betterment. But, some people, especially teens have really stupid, funny and bad reasons to break up with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone

Some of these reasons include –

  1. Because she got fat

This is dangerous territory. Women are very sensitive when it comes to things about their weight. If she gained a few pounds or put on a bit of weight post pregnancy or a long vacation, they might be ultra sensitive to the word “fat”. She might even ask you the question again and again. And if you break up with her because she gained a few pounds, it is a really BAD reason. She will remember it all her life and will describe you as shallow and narrow minded to her friends, which is anything but a lie!

  1. Because she is emotional

Girls are emotional beings. It’s just that some show it earlier than expected; some show their emotional side later on as the relationship progresses. Thus, breaking up with your girl because she is emotional, is just a really lame reason. And what human is not emotional?

  1. Because he is ambitious

If your guy is career oriented and is ambitious about his work, there is no reason for you to get insecure. If your boyfriend has many homes on sale and has auto insurance or takes care of his finances, you should be proud of him rather than feeling ignored!

  1. Because he has other friends

It’s true for both genders. If your girl or guy has a lot of other friends and he or she really cares about them, you should get adjusted to that fact. Those friends were probably there in their life much before you arrived. Fighting over his friends or comparing yourself to them is a really bad sign and is one of the worst reasons to break up with someone.

  1. Because she is self obsessed

If a girl is self obsessed, she knows what she is worth. She might love her shopping, make up and girl time. That does not give you the reason to break up with her.

  1. Because they love “me time”

If your partner wants some alone time and asks for it or seeks that, it is sign of healthy relationship. It’s absolutely natural for people to long for some free time or me time. If you break up because your partner needs a little space, you really have issues!

  1. Because they didn’t call you back

This is one of the silliest reasons to break up. They might be busy or occupied or probably snoozing. Just cause they aren’t reverting to your incessant calls and texts, doesn’t mean they are cheating on you.

  1. Because of the nature of their job

If your partner is a waitress or a masseur, or has some small job, and you break up with them after knowing the nature of their job, you are bound to be called “evil” and selfish!

  1. Because they are too much into you

What is a relation without some jealousy or obsession? If they are possessive about you and really treasure you and you make it a reason to break up with them, it is totally your loss!

10. Because they are vegetarians/non vegetarians

This has to be one of the top funniest reasons to break up with your partner. Just because of their food preferences and culture, you can’t break up with them. It just shows how bad you are at accepting others and adjusting. You both can come mid-way and work things out.

What are the worst and funniest reasons you have heard for a break up? Share your experiences with us!