Why Is It So Hard For Him To Express His Feelings?


Why Is It So Hard For Him To Express His Feelings?

Question Asked:
Why is it so hard for him to express his feelings? I tried asking him this a couple of time, but he never clears it out. His action always shows that he loves me like hell but I don’t know why he is scared of expressing it to me. What could be stopping him?

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Why Is It So Hard For Him To Express His Feelings - likelovequotes

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Fans Suggestion:
1) There are people who are not good at words they channel their love and affection through actions, these people are the best lovers in my own opinion because they are the ones who will only show their love to someone who they really love.

2) Maybe because he doesn’t want to make things complicated and is trying to avoid some decisions that both of you are not sure off.

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3) Since you can figure it out that he loves you but scared to propose, why don’t you make a first move? Times have changed you can also do the proposing part there’s no harm in it.

4) Love is scary and a person has to be vulnerable to be able to express it completely…. He could also want to be sure because of past relationships…. Some people are shy with one on one communications …. Give it some time, be there and love him and if he loves you it will come out into the open because true love can not be contained…. It must be given because of the intense over-flow of magical emotions that love is….

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5) Its love from your side only. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings maybe ….

6) I would suggest, believe his actions more then words….don’t look at what he says but look at what he does.

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