Top TEN Ways to Make Sure He is the One

Top TEN Ways To Make Sure He Is The One

You think you have found your dream man finally. Just be careful and make sure he is the one for you before you confess your love to him or get him to do that.

Top TEN Ways to Make Sure He is the One

Here are Top TEN ways to make sure he is the one:

  1. Figure out whether he respects you or not

He treats you like a princess and fulfills all your wishes. But, is this genuine affection or just a ploy to impress you? You must find out whether his feelings are genuine and he is not just playing around. Try to talk to his friends, colleagues and ask them what he tells them about you. [ Check out: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why


  1. Know him a little better

He has been nothing but chivalrous to you every time you have met. You are convinced that he is a well mannered gentleman. Ask him to introduce you to his family, friends and acquaintances. Notice the way he behaves in front of them. Is his behavior the same when he is around you? Gather as much information about him as you can. If he, indeed, turns out to be the gentleman you had envisioned him to be, you know he is the one for you.

  1. He talks about the future

If your guy talks about his future, he is someone who has a plan in place and will take care of you. If he seems unsure about his future, then how can you imagine yours with him? He should be stable, both in his personal and professional life and should be clear about his goals in life. Of course, your presence must find a place in his future. [ Also read: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re Not Ready To Get Married ]

  1. He is not dominating

He should treat you as his equal and should not be dominating in nature. He should offer advice but should not force you to implement them. He must respect your decisions and support you in all your choices.

  1. He is not insecure

He should not be insecure about your friends and the way you lead your life. He should be okay when you are out with a male friend and should trust you completely. If he questions on something that you do, he has trust issues. [ Read here: 25 Things Guys Do That Girls Actually Love and Hate ]

  1. He understands if you are not ready

He wants to take the relationship to another level but you are not too comfortable with the idea of being physically intimate at the moment. If he really loves you, he will understand this and give you as much time as you want. Intimacy is important in a relationship but certainly, not the most important aspect of it.

  1. He introduces you to his family

If he is serious about the relationship and your presence in his life, he will introduce you to his family and let them know what you mean to him. Don’t trust him if he introduces you as a friend. He should not shy from making the relationship public. [ Read: LDR Challenges and More!]

  1. He remembers all the dates

He should remember your birthday, the first time you met, the first time you went out on a date and all the other dates that seem important to you. If he values the relationship he shares with you, he will take all the pain to remember all the important events that you both share.

  1. You can cry in front of him

We all have emotions but we get conscious when they come forth in somebody else’s presence. We don’t like to cry in front of anybody. If you feel comfortable crying your heart out in front of your man and he drops all his work to console you, then he is a really good guy. If he feels sad when you are sad and refuses to go before smile, then you should hold on to him forever.

  1. He should help you grow

He should, directly or indirectly, contribute towards your growth as a person. He should help you take the right decisions, correct you where he thinks you are going wrong and help you become a better human being. If he does not bring any positive change in your life, then there is no reason why you should be with him.

Ladies, take your time before you get into a relationship with the guy you are so in love with. Don’t be hasty and make a wrong decision. Analyze the guy, think carefully about him and do all that you can to make sure that he is the one for you.