TOP 20: Reasons Why People Dislike You.


TOP 20: Reasons Why People Dislike You.

Do you wonder why there are certain people who always Dislike you? No creature on this entire universe want to be disliked by anyone around them. Human beings are social animals. They had to interact with different people in their social circle. While some may Like you, others may Dislike you. One of the award winning Indian Novelist, Shashi Deshpande in her novel ‘That Long Silence’ said ” Ten different mirrors will show you ten different faces.” This means that when you meet different people in a day, every individual forms a different opinion about you. There will be People around you, who may Like you and others around you, may have some kind of Dislike towards you.

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TOP 20: Reasons Why People Dislike You-likelovequotes

In order to make people like you more you should always keep a guard on your actions, words, behavior and attitude, when you interact with them. Though your actions and behavior help you to become more popular in your social circle, there are times when you come across people who will have a Dislike towards you. No matter how hard you try to win their hearts they will not like you. So, it can be said that it is not always your actions or deeds that determine the reason for anyone’s liking or disliking for you. Let’s take a look at Top 20 reasons Why People don’t like you.

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Preconceived Notions:
This can be considered as the most common reason among the people for having a certain kind of fixed dislike for you. Such people find it hard to change their opinion about you because they believe that the notions which they have about you is What you really are. Such type of people should understand that “When they judge a person without knowing him, they don’t define him but they define themselves.”

Your Independent Will:
Another reason which can assure you that it is not always your actions or deeds that make people to have a dislike for you. They might have their own reasons to hate you. Your Independent Will can be one such reason for them. This means your attitude of doing things or taking decisions independently without giving much heed to their opinion makes them to have such a negative outlook about you.

Your Impressive Personality:
You having a Impressive personality can also be the reason due to which people don’t like you. The sole reason for their dislike towards you is that they themselves must be lacking such impressive personality which can help them in becoming equally popular among your common friend circle.

Desperate People:
Desperate people are another set of people in your life who will always have a dislike for you. This is because these desperate people are none but mere attention seekers who will do anything to attract others attention towards themselves.

Envious People:
Envious people are those people in your social circle who are jealous from you just for no reason. Such type of people feel jealous from you because of the success that you have attained in your life by working hard day and night.

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Your Straight Forward Attitude:
There are many people around us who always want themselves to be pleased by others. They think that the people around them would always have a good opinion for them and the tasks they undertake., So,when a person like you who own a straight forward attitude try to show them the mirror in regard to their actions. They tend to dislike you for such attitude of yours.

Be a Good Listener:
This is the biggest set back with human beings, all want themselves to be heard than being patient enough to listen others too. If you are one such being who is always speaking and never lends his ears to listen to others. This habit of yours will add more haters to your already long list.

Your Being Bossy:
Do you like being bossy when you are around people? If it is so then its alarming for you. You need to stop being bossy when you are around them. Let others live their Life and you Live your own. Don’t try to control things in others life. The philosophy of Live and Let Live will help you earn people who may not have a dislike for you.

Do you Flaunt?:
Are you among those you believe in flaunting every other thing about them in life when you are around people. People dislike those who have a habit of flaunting every thing that is in a way related to them. If you want people to like you more, stop yourself from flaunting about your possessions and abilities unnecessarily.

Your Politeness:
When one is polite and generous with others, you tend to make more people friends with you. Some people around you might feel jealous and won’t like you much. Your popularity among others force them to dislike you to the core.

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Are you an Introvert?
It is often said that Silence is Golden. But believe me, sometimes it is not so Golden. People confuse your silence and introvert nature with arrogance. So if you want to add more friends to your list start to interact more, speak more,when you are around people.

Don’t be Judgmental:
If you are one of those who judge everything that is happening around them. You definitely need to stop yourself from doing such things. People don’t like you much because you are always judging them even when it is not required.

Don’t become a Miser:
People dislike those who try to save much of their pocket and make others pay for them. This habit of yours makes you a Miser in your friends eyes. You need to over come this habit of yours to make people like you more.

Stop Blaming Others:
“Don’t blame others for your own deeds” This is also one of the common reasons why you make people dislike you more. Learn to accept your own faults and mistakes rather than putting them on to others.

Do you Preach?:
Do people find you preaching all the time? Then you are giving them the reason yourself to dislike you. Learn to mind your own business rather than poking a nose in someone else business unnecessarily.

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Don’t Cling: 
Never try to cling on others when it’s not needed. Try to become Self Sufficient in managing your own problems rather putting them into someone else pocket.

Respect Others:
Stop yourself from taking people for granted. You need to respect and value them and their time. Never thing that you are free to treat them as your slaves. This will help you to have more people in your support.

Be Optimistic:
Try to give up your Negative or Pessimistic approach towards life. If you want people to like you, you need to adopt optimistic approach in your life. You will be disliked if you have a negative approach towards life.

Live in Present:
You all must be familiar with the idiom “Don’t cry over split milk.” This means that one should never cry for those things which cannot be changed in his life. Learn to live in present, past has already passed. If you keep dwelling about your past actions rather doing something for your present will make people doubt your abilities and that will develop a certain kind of dislike for your approach towards life. Present is all you have.

Give up Boasting:
People don’t like you because you boast a lot? Never boast your achievements in your social circle. Give up the habit of making people count your achievements and make them feel inferior from you.

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Thus, all the above mentioned points are sufficient to  make you understand what makes people to add you in their dislike list. Just before closing this, it is necessary for you to understand that ‘Everybody is different. Don’t judge them. Instead try to Understand them. This is because nobody should be judged for the way they live their life. As long as they are happy and are not hurting anyone. LIVE Free.