Signs that Proves You’re Afraid to Fall in Love Again


Signs that Proves You’re Afraid to Fall in Love Again!

The feeling of falling in love, buying gifts for that special someone, staying awake to wish that special person, buying valentines day gifts, etc, all are so special.

But, what if, a person runs away from all these emotions, tends to fear or just ignore them?? In medical history a person who runs or ignores such emotional attachments are termed as “PHILOPHOBIA” .  For some falling in love is a bliss and for some a bane, may be because he/she had had a heart breaking break up.

Below are some signs and symptoms to help those people to over come such fear and make them breath the air of peace and hope all over again.

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Signs that Proves You're Afraid to Fall in Love Again -likelovequotes

 1# Playlist are full of sad and depressed songs:

Those gloomy depressive lyrics have become an integral part of their life, be it in office or in any small family get together, he/she is always hooked to those pathetic tunes. They feel happy when they listen to those dejected lyrics, they feel that remembering those old times actually gives them the strength to be strong all over again, but, in reality those painful songs are only pushing them to become more emotionally vulnerable.

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2# Not able to forget your past:

You might have a tried a lot, but you haven’t. Each time you sleep or  someone pokes you to go to a new relationship, flashback of those dreadful days haunts you. You feel really afraid and choked when someone confesses or hints you with some lovy-dovy signs.

3: TRUST is a huge thing for you:

Ok! You finally went to a new relationship, by dumping the fear and embracing the feeling of love all over again, things are going great for you when suddenly the issue of TRUST comes up. In every relationship, the word TRUST plays a pivotal role. And for you, its like jumping from the cliff, you can’t just trust that person. You feel afraid to get betrayed again, thus the word TRUST becomes RUST.

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4# Saying those three magical words are difficult:

she- “I LOVE YOU”

you- “So, how was your day??” 

Initially this looks like a normal or cute sign to your partner, but as days pass and she notices that you ignore it each time she confesses her love, things becomes bitter. Its not all easy for you to say those “THREE MAGICAL WORDS” , you feel petrified, your heart starts pounding like drums and you feel choked.

5# Your Facebook wall and Whatsapp status are always full of #loveHurts quotes:

Where people are having a gala time, posting happy vacation photographs and statuses, your fb and whatsapp profile are full of “LOVE HURTS” quotes and images. Starting from long stories to short quotes, you have a great collection of those images and texts.

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6# You tend to limit yourself-   Been there, done that, felt that, experienced that!

You are too much protective about your emotions now, opening up again seems really impossible. Each time you feel you’re falling again, your heart skips a beat, you feel goose-bumps all over, pages from the past jolts your emotions and you curl up yourself again inside the shell of ” NO LOVE PLEASE”.

7# COMMITMENT is not your cup of tea anymore:

Its true that once upon a time you were happily committed with your love, but after the break-up, the word COMMITMENT  sounds irritating and disturbing. No matter how hard you try, sharing those personal stuffs, those small emotional tales are not possible for you. Each time your partner tries to become personal or cozy with you, you feel scared, you feel like you are going to die out of choking.

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8# You frequently check or stalk your EX’s profile:

You might have broken up, but moving on is still not easy for you.  From creating another fake Facebook id to texting her up anonymously, you try each and every detailed analysis to know whats going on in his/her life. And whenever someone tries to correct or stop you from doing such foolish things, you tend to become ferocious, not out of anger but out of shame and some kind of ego.

So, these were some of the signs by which you can understand why someone stays away from commitment.

Lastly, I would love to say that falling in love should come from within, one should never go into a relationship for the sake of going. First free yourself from the past bruises, give time, don’t restrict your emotions, talk to your closes friends and try to move on. Life is a beautiful garden in which love is like those colorful flowers which grows into a beautiful tree when taken good care.