Signs to know You Are Pushing Her Away!


Signs to know You Are Pushing Her Away!

Understanding a woman is much more easier than pushing her away, you just need to listen to her, converse with her, be with her, hold her, guide her and that’s it, it’s that easy. But, once you push her away, she’ll become an undecipherable code. Read below to know more about the same!

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Signs to know You Are Pushing Her Away -likelovequotes

1#You are not a man:

A man is known by the language he speaks, and by the promise he keeps! Confused?? Let me explain: When you both meet each other, you promised to be there during bad and good, you both promised to hold each other if they break down. She is keeping her promises, but you are running away from it. Whenever there is a tiff, instead of understanding her you’re ignoring her or even moving away from the situation. And thus you are slowly pushing her away from yourself!

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2#Zero self-esteem:

Self-esteem is the act of valuing yourself, its that important part which defines your existence.  We girls, respect those guys who knows how to respect themselves, who has a positive approach towards life and this world.  If you are not sure about your own existence, if you are not sure enough to support your own self, how will you take the responsibility of someone else??  THINK ABOUT IT and WORK ON IT!

3#Rude and Self-Centered:

She: How was your day honey??

He: Yeah! good enough.

She: What would you like to have for dinner today?? ( She comes home from work tired and inspite of that she decides to cook)

He: Duh Man! Please bore someone else with your questions. Rubbish!

Its very easy for you to say those rough words, but, its equally difficult for her to digest those words. She is not a furniture that you can move or treat them anyway you want to, learn to respect her before its too late!

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4#Sex Sex Sex:

You are going out with her, having fun with her, texting her, just to get inside her pants?? Highly disappointing, this clearly shows how cheap you are and how immature your thinking is. One small advice: Never feel low or heart-broken for these self centered and sex lover’s, you deserve the best and not these crabs.

5#You never listen to her:

Listening and speaking are the two most important pillars of life. Be it your personal relationships, jobs, or even if you need to board the correct train, if you don’t listen actively you will land up in a wrong place. Same goes with her, try to listen to what she is saying and reciprocate to it. Don’t just speak anything and stop her from speaking, be a listener, try to converse and solve her problems.

6#Give her importance:

If you are not ready for the relationship, don’t give her false hopes. We girls never demand something more than getting an important part in your life! And if you are not ready for this phase, please say it directly rather than hurting or pushing her away with your actions.

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7#The “OTHER” girl:

 “Believe me, she was forcing me to do this, I never wanted to do this. In-fact, you are not aware about her intentions….bla bla bla bla”  Do you think we girls are fools and are blindfolded, we don’t understand who forced whom?? OK! Fine, we agreed that, the girl forced you to be with her, but are YOU a cry baby?? You have your own mouth, can’t you just ignore and come out.?? Its very easy to blame a girl, but its really difficult to be a man!

8#The “X FILES” are still open:

No matter how hard she tries or tried, if there is no effort from his side nobody can help you in forgetting your past. And never ever try to compare her with your EX, nor give her examples of your PAST LOVE. Your present girlfriend is there to hold you, guide you, be with you forever, but please she is not there to be like your EX or have a 36-24-36 figure like her. GOT IT??

9#Keep your EGO outside:

“You know what, I should have slept with her, then the things would have been mutual. Cause, you are shouting at me for no reason, I said I am sorry”…….continues. You are saying sorry, but your actions and words are not saying the same. Whom are you throwing your attitude at?? Remember: Once she is gone, she is gone forever. Buckle up before its too late

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There is no point no#10, because like this the list will go on and on. I have heard this many a times that, girls are full of demands and needs, but did you know that our demands are tangled with your abilities and happiness?? Pushing us away is really easy for you but its dead difficult for us to survive in those situations. THINK ABOUT IT!