The 6 Things Every Girls Want Out of a Relationship


The 6 Things Every Girls Want Out of a Relationship

When men are unable to keep women happy in a relationship, they begin to wonder exactly what a girl wants from a relationship. Women aren’t always that easy to figure out, considering the fact that they keep a lot of things unsaid, and expect their partner to just figure them out. In order to help men who are suffering from this confusion, we have come up with 6 very crucial things that women want from a relationship.

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The 6 Things Every Girls Want Out of a Relationship-likelovequotes


Women want relationships that are full of surprises, and keep them on their toes. Even if it’s a small surprise like you turning up outside their workplace to take her to dinner when she was just going to head home, or if it’s an unexpected visit with flowers and chocolates, keep her guessing!

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Women usually think of romance to be the fairy-tale kind, and thus have high romantic expectations from their lover and the relationship. If you want to keep her happy, you need to find ways of letting her know how much you love her, and how important she is to you. It’ll only work in your favour!


Whoever said that only men like sex, is definitely not a woman! Women enjoy the act of sex as much as men do, especially with the man they love. Although this should not be to tough for a man to manage, make sure your girlfriend isn’t unsatisfied, if you know what I mean!

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One of the things that girls usually worry about in a relationship is whether or not their partner will be completely faithful to them. With the recent rise in infidelity rates throughout the world, it’s not surprising that they’re worried. Do whatever it takes to assure your girl that she’s the only one for you.


Being in a relationship and not giving it enough time is a recipe for disaster. No matter how busy your schedule may be, if your relationship matters to you, you have to give it enough time and effort. If you don’t, she’s bound to feel like you don’t love her enough.

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You can’t shower her with love one day, and neglect her the very next day! Don’t give her reasons to doubt you or worry about where the relationship is headed. Consistently do things to let her know that all is well, and don’t let her doubt your love for even a second!

Women can be hard to please, but once you do manage to do so, they’ll definitely make your life a better place. So go ahead and keep your girl happy!