Painful Signs You’re Losing Yourself In Your Relationship


Painful Signs You’re Losing Yourself In Your Relationship

Being in love is not always a blissful life. There is another aspect of love too. Love is painful and it requires healing too. Love is powerful love is magical but falling with the right person make it beautiful. On the other hand it can be said that love becomes painful if we fall for the person who does not make an effort to put things right. Hence, this is the reason we tend to lose ourselves in love. is here to help you know some of the signs that suggest you are going through a painful love life.

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Do You Know Why Love Is Painful?

The sad part of love is that it hurts when there goes something wrong in life. Relationships are easily formed but hard to let them go with same fire. Often it is seen that the charm of being in love fades away. People tend to change and this ultimately becomes the cause for pain. The pain that we go through in our love life is worst and it cannot be healed very easily. But there is no pain and no gain.

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Getting Over is Difficult:
The first sign which highlights that you are losing yourself in love is when you find it hard to get over someone. Getting over becomes difficult when you know that you love the person with all your heart but you still can’t change the things. Falling in love with someone is so easy that to maintain that relationship with that person is do difficult.

He is Still Your World:
You are suffering in your relationship if you still can’t find the ways to stop missing him. It is very painful when everything reminds you about him. Though you try your level best to forget him and move on but you still don’t have a choice to make.

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You Still Crave For His Presence:
It is a known fact that when you can’t change the situation you start craving for his presence. This shows that you are losing yourself in love. It is he who has become important to you. Everything else becomes secondary in front of him.

Thus, following are some of the signs that shows you are or had been in a painful relationship.