Magic Words To Keep The Spark Alive.


Magic Words To Keep The Spark Alive.

Are you in a relationship with someone? Do you feel that there is no magic and charm in your relationship? Has the charm faded away with time? When we are initially in love with someone. We are so excited that we give away everything to invest our time in nurturing our relationship. Both the partners are so deeply involved with each other that miss the magic of words if one of them gets annoyed with the other. But what usually happens is with passing time we get to see that all the magic and charm fades away. The Spark which both the Partners used to feel too fades away. is here to make you realize that it is important to keep the spark alive in any relationship. Let’s Find Out.

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Magic Relationship Words To Keep The Spark Alive.

How To Keep The Magic and Spark Alive.

The decision to date someone is easy but to keep the relationship strong throughout is the hardest thing to do. We often come across people who say that relationships do loose their charm as the time passes. Keeping the spark alive in any relationship is the most difficult task to attain. The most common complaint that the couple make is that they can’t feel the same passion which they used to feel initially in their relationship. Have you ever wondered how to bring back the same magic in your relationship?  The following words can help you keep the spark alive:-

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#1 Hey there Handsome.
Add adjectives and make him feel special and wanted.

#2 I miss your cute Smile.
Appreciate what attracts you towards your partner even more.

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#3  The Three Magical Words: ‘I Love You’
This can never miss to bring back the spark in the relationship. After hearing this or reading this from you your partner will definitely feel butterflies or fireworks within.

#4 I love it When You Dominate Me. 
This will definitely drive him crazy and want you to have you present in front of him.

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#5 I Love you like a fat kids loves cake
As soon as you will say these words to him this will definitely make him smile and will excite him at the same time.

#6 So, there’s this really amazing guy. I like him a lot. His name is (insert boyfriend’s name here).

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Thus, the following words can really help you ignite the same magic and charm in your relationship and make it a happy one.