Insane and Sensual Touching Tricks to Turn Her On


Insane and Sensual Touching Tricks to Turn Her On

Are you Looking ways to turn your girl on? Want to know where to touch her to attain sensual pleasure? Are you planning to make love to your partner but have no clue where to touch her so as to turn her on? Love making is one of the ways to satisfy the physical needs of the human being. There is nothing wrong in making love to your partner. Sensual pleasure is equally important and is a way of life. It is one of the cardinal desire which every human posses. There is nothing bad to feel about it. Just as men love their beloved making love to them the way they like the most. Similarly, Women too love when their lover make love to them by touching them the way which turns them on completely.

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Insane and Sensual Touching Tricks to Turn Her On -likelovequotes

Sensual Moves That Turns Her On….

There are certain moves which every women desire that her partner should adopt while making love to them. The movement of hands is enough to turn her on. A tender movement of hands and fingertips can make her feel the weakness between her legs. The slightest sensual touch by the movement of hand takes her deep down the memory lane when you both made love to each other on the backseat of your car, under the blankets of your bedroom, in your living room etc.

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#1 In the Car:
You can easily turn her on even while driving. Girls love when they feel that boys can’t resist loving them even while driving. They love to grab the attention of the driver while driving. You can make her go insane by touching her tenderly by your right hand on her thighs. Girls love it when men go slow. Let your hands slip on her thighs in an up and down movement. While making her feel the sensation of your fingers, let her hands touch her closer to crotch. Gradually slide your hand up and let your palm rest on her public mound. This will go crazy and mad over you.

#2 Gentle Touching:
A gentle touch of her man may help her flow with emotions. and helps you in turning her on. Women love when men dominate and take charge in the process of making love so as to attain sensual pleasure. In order to drive her crazy you can slide your fingers around her clitoris. then give her a stroke you will definitely give her pleasure and attain it too. This move will definitely clitoral flow just doing it again and again and make her go mad over you.

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#3 In the Lounge:
Search for a shadowy corner of the lounge. After finding the apt place, Kiss her on the Neck, Nibble her ears and engage in deep wet kisses while moving your hands on her lower back and sliding your hands through her hairs. Ask her to sit on your lap while letting her feel your warm breath on her neck.

#4 In The Shower:
The key to make her go crazy is to make love to women in rhythm and with pressure. This is one of the reason why women love when men dominate them. You can make her go insane while making love to her in the shower. Making Love in the Shower is the Most Sexy thing a guy can do to Make her Girl go mad completely. Go get wet in the hot shower with her, touch her all over gently and make her want you more. Massage her all over the body. Rub her on the shoulders, breasts, bottom and thighs.

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Thus, following moves can really turn her on completely.