How To Steal a Guy from His Girlfriend

How To Steal a Guy from His Girlfriend

How To Steal a Guy from His Girlfriend

Falling in love with a guy who is in a relationship is a tricky situation to be in. You know he is already taken but you cannot control your feelings. You have put in a lot of thought and have decided that you cannot live without him and have to get him in your life. Winning the heart of a guy who is already committed could prove to be a difficult task. But, if you plan carefully and have made a resolve to steal him away from his girlfriend, then there is a good chance of you accomplishing that. [ Read: 35 Romantic Phrases You should Use on Your Girl More Often ]

If you are friends with that guy, you should be even more careful as you carry out your plan. If he gets to know about your intentions, you will end up losing him as a friend too. Also, try not to hurt the feelings of the girl whom he is committed to. What you are going to do is not a very virtuous thing and you should not try to overdo things as it could end up hurting a lot off people.

Here are a few ways in which you can get a guy with a girlfriend:

  1. Spend time with him

Ask him to hang out with you or invite him over to your place for dinner or a movie. There are several ways in which you can spend some quality time with him. He has a girlfriend whom he spends a lot of time with but if you are close to him or he trusts you, he would have no issues with hanging out with you. This is your chance to impress him and let him know how much you enjoy his company. It is important that you make him feel comfortable and figure out whether he likes spending time with you. If he does, it is a good sign. If he does not, try harder and invite him again to another place. Plan your meeting carefully and try to make it a pleasant experience for him. If he is busy when you request him to meet, try to fix another meeting which would work out for both of you. Do not settle for a short meeting. The more the time you spend with each, the closer you will get to him. [ Read: Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand ]

  1. Flirt

If the guy is fairly liberal in his outlook, he would not mind you flirting with him. Most of us do not have any objection to healthy flirting. You should flirt with him occasionally and should not cross the line no matter what. He should not get a whiff of an idea of what you are up to. Do not get swayed away by your emotions, refrain from saying anything that could ruin your friendship. Flirting does have romantic connotations and there is a chance that he would get drawn to your flirtatious behaviour and start reciprocating. Never flirt with him when his girlfriend or close friends are around. They will doubt your behaviour and could warn him to stay away from you. Talk amorously to him only when both of you are alone and without any friends for company. Flirt occasionally, but make sure when you do it, makes an impact.

  1. Physical contact

When you are out with him, try to get closer to him physically. Do this only after you have known him for some time and he is comfortable with you. Hold his hands or just stroke through his hair – make subtle moves without making him feel uncomfortable. Yes, there is a chance of him feeling awkward with your actions but there is also a possibility of him enjoying the physical contact. If both of you are already close to each other, you could try to take your friendship to the next level where he trusts you completely. [ Read: Do You Like A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend? ]

  1. Drop hints

After you have passed the stage of being close friends with him, the next step is to give him a hint of what you are thinking. You should not be very direct with it. Make some gestures that would suggest that you are interested in him. If you feel that he likes you and finds you interesting, you could think of approaching him. Contemplate doing this only when you are sure that he would not be upset with your proposal. Do not rush into it and think about all the pros and cons before taking this step. You do not want to lose him as a friend, right? You should let him know that you are very honest and sincere with your intentions. After he gets to know about it, leave the decision to him and accept whatever he says.

Before you do anything, remember that he is already in a relationship. Whatever your plan is, you need to go about it carefully so that you do not hurt anyone. A single wrong move could cost you dearly. One can understand unrequited love is painful to deal with but do not do anything that you will regret. Do not get stressed if things do not work in your favour. If something goes wrong, you must have some damage control measures ready to handle the situation.