How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love

How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love

It is important for us to first understand that men and women are completely different in nature and how they fall in love differently. Their approach towards love is different; their way of looking at love is totally unique. For women, falling in love is easy and quick. It is all about making their own dream world, letters and text messages filled with “I Love you”, “I miss you” etc. Whereas, for men, falling is love with someone is not that quick and simple.

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How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love

Men, from the starting have lived their life the way they always wanted; away from home like a free bird. They have always done what they think was right without caring about what other people may think of them. Whereas, women are always close to their families, friends etc. So before falling in love with a girl, a man always evaluates many things like – will the girl understand him, understand the importance of his freedom and space, allow him to do what he wants, let him have his own guy time and so on.

In every guy’s life, before falling in love with the perfect girl, he goes through seven phases. These phases are called “The seven stages of love”. To have a deep understanding of how men fall in life, the seven stages are explained in detail as follows –

Recognition of the full worth

The first factor that a guy looks at while finding true love towards a girls is her looks. Good-looks is the initial thing that attracts a man towards a woman. If she is not well dressed or good looking, he would not even think of looking at her. He needs to appreciate her looks truly by heart, only then will he move on to the next stage of love.

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The period of being crazy

There may be many girls around a guy who are good looking. But now at this stage, the man tries to listen to his heart by knowing which girl does he get the most tilted towards. Who is the girl that has started to come in his mind every now and then.

Evoking interest

Once he knows which girl he likes the most, he then enters into the third stage called attraction. His attraction towards her increases even more day by day if the girl he likes in return passes good gestures back at him. But those gestures need not necessary be the same as his feeling towards that girl. She may be just trying to become familiar to him or wants to just become friends with him.

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Having an influence on her

This stage is when the guy is sure about his feelings for the girl but he is not sure whether she likes him or no. He makes continuous efforts in trying to impress the girl and come into her notice.

Certainty of her feelings

Once the guy has reached this stage, he is almost in love with the girl. He becomes desperate to know about the feelings of the girls. He knows for sure that now he is a good friend to her but at the same time he feels that may be she likes him too. He cannot ask her directly about it so he does efforts to make her like him too. He gets curious as to how he should ask her out on a date with him so that even he could get an idea about her feelings for him.

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Reaffirming his own feelings

Once he knows that the girl likes him too, he is happy and satisfied. They both start dating each other and spend quality time with each other. But then soon he realizes if he really wants to be with her or no. He asks himself whether he really loves her or was it just a infatuation. Once the girl also falls in love with him, he starts to question his inner instincts. Questions that come up in his mind can be like is he really happy with her, is she the one with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, will he be able to keep her as happy for a lifetime or no.

He’s finally ready to fall in love

After evaluating the good and bad side of their future relationship and when he has the answer to all his questions in a positive aspect, he is ready to make the next and the last big step towards being in love and wanting to be in a relationship with that girl. In case he gets negative answers to his questions, he will back off immediately by avoiding and ignoring her before things take a serious turn and they both end by hurting each other.

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Love is a complicated thing according to men. They take time to evaluate things before they are sure about their feelings of falling in love. With the help of the above given stages in the article, you can understand the mindset of men. You will get a better understanding of how men fall in love unlike women. If a guy says I Love you to a girl, know that he has evaluated each stage really well and he is very much sure about his feelings for the girl. There is no way that the girl needs to be confirmed about his feelings for her. When a guy says I love you, he really means it. So grab the opportunity before you miss out on him and give your love life a chance.

So know you know the the different stages to fall in love. Let us know your experience about love in comments.