Harsh Truth: Never Use SEX as a Weapon


Harsh Truth: Never Use SEX as a Weapon

Do you consider Sex as a Weapon?? Is it right to use Sex as a weapon?? Sex can be used as the most dangerous weapon. It is the harsh truth that many of us use Sex as a weapon. One should never use Sex as a weapon. Usually it is seen that when we want to get something from our partner we do in a way use sex as a weapon. This is the harsh truth that we need to accept. Everyone at some point of time tries to use Sex as a weapon in life.

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Harsh Truth Never Use SEX as a Weapon.

Using Sex as a weapon is not at all a good idea. Though by using it you can earn a temporary benefit but you will definitely loose your self worth. If you are planning to use Sex as a weapon you need to Read this out First before reaching on any conclusion.

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Self Respect is on Stake:
Self Respect is the only treasure that everyone possess with themselves. But once you decide to use sex as a weapon just to acquire the things you desire from your partner, ruins it completely. It shows your Standard to the other person.

Your Selfish Motives:
Yes! there are many who use Sex as a weapon in order to accomplish their selfish motives. This is one of the harsh truth of life. Often it is seen that instead of confronting or solving the issues partners have between them. They try to neglect the issues just to get their selfish motives fulfilled.

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Mend Your Issues:
Instead of using sex as a weapon one should try to mend the issues between them. This is because trading yourself just is no solution for your problems. Solving issues require understanding rather than trading.

Sudden Realization:
If you use sex as a weapon quite often then you need to know that the day is not far when you will realize that this weapon of yours have put you in more problems. This is because when your partner realizes the fact that you offer sex just as the weapon to him, he would definitely vent the anger on you. This will lead to more fights more issues and no solution.

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Excess of anything is Dangerous:
It is said that excess of anything proves to be dangerous. So, the same goes with goes with Sex too. The harsh truth is that many of them use sex as a weapon only when they want to get something from their partners. But you need to know that your partner is no beast who will always desire to have sex with you.

Giving your Mirror Image:
By using sex as weapon you are not only trying to threaten you partner but you too giving your mirror image to them. This another harsh reality that you need to face. We just forget that by doing such actions we are not hurting the other person but we are showcasing our own character to others.

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You can be Misunderstood:
Using sex as a weapon and offering it as a reward, you are putting yourself in danger. This is because if your partner gets the realization that it is very easy to get you and have a sex with you. They will think that mere gifts can help them win you.

Take the Right Path:
The harsh truth of life is that people believe what they see. This means that by such actions of yours you are trying to convey to others that to make things up with you is too simply have a good sex with you. So, you need to make them realization that if they want to make you happy or want to you feel loved they need to try others things.

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Its for Pleasure:
This is something important you need to know. Sex between two partners is a means of making the relationship stronger. It is meant to seek pleasure when they feel that they are ready to give themselves completely to the other person. One should make love to your in order to attain pleasure out of it rather than using it as a weapon.

Make it Beautiful:
You should give your hundred percent in making your relationship beautiful rather than making it ugly by using Sex as a weapon. Try to understand the true meaning of relationship and preserve yourself from getting ruined.

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Thus, in the end we can say that don’t loose you Self Worth by using Sex as a Weapon against your Partners.