Biggest Turn Offs for Women that all Men should Know about

Biggest Turn Offs for Women that all Men should Know about

Went out on a date but didn’t work out good? Well, the reasons could be any or all of the following things which are the biggest dating turn offs for women.

Biggest Turn Offs for Women That All Men Should Know About

  1. Getting drunk:

Drinking can ruin your date. A woman would never like to be with someone who drinks a lot and is unable to control his senses. Too much of drinking can also turn off them. They might even get embarrassed over such an activity of yours. So try to control your urge of drinking, when you are dating someone. Drinking is not only injurious to your health but is also very harmful to your personal life. [Read: 10 Biggest Dating #Turn Offs for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! 


  1. Getting very cozy:

Come on! Don’t act so cheap when you are dating. Women would seriously hate to be with someone who is trying to get too cozy. That would in fact chalk out a different picture about you in her mind. A feeling of insecurity might also creep in and she would regret to have come with you. Don’t try to harm her modesty at any cost. Behave like a man and respect her. Don’t do things that would make her feel uncomfortable. [Read: Cute Little Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE So Much… ]

  1. Too professional:

It is good that you are much concerned about your profession but it doesn’t mean that you will spoil everything by bringing in too much professionalism into your behavior. She is on a date and not facing an interview. Be as casual as you can. Do avoid bringing your office issues too. Try to be romantic so that she gets interested. Also avoid attending some official call while you are on a date. Focus your mind on who is in front of you and make her feel special. If you appear so professional then she would feel that for you work is more important and you don’t care about the sentiments of others. [Read: 15 Ways To Deal With The Workaholic Boyfriend! ]

  1. Don’t be dirty:

Get dirty and you are out of their list for the entire life. Remember it is behavior that is going to last long in her mind. So try behaving like a gentleman instead. She might take your filthy joke in the wrong way and can feel uncomfortable. It is always better to avoid anything dirty. You can predict as to what impact that would create on her mind. [Read: Best Tips To Look Attractive And Draw Their Attention ]

  1. Talking stupid:

Do weigh your words and speak. Try to speak less but make it really impressive. Avoid being over talkative. Let her speak too. It is always better to listen then to speak. Moreover your words would represent your personality. Talk something sensible and long lasting. Get her involved into your conversation. If you talk stupid and act foolish then it is straightaway going to turn her off. Act as the situation allows. [Read: Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys To Completely Avoid ]

  1. Appearance:

The attire of a person speaks a lot. So wear something appropriate which would depict your personality. Go for something that suits you and the ones, which you are comfortable with. A poor dressing sense is simply going to ruin everything. It is not necessary that you have wear something expensive in order to make a mark. If you appear odd then you are surely going to put on a immature impression on her mind. [Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better ]

  1. Bad mouthing:

Don’t abuse in any case. If you are angry at someone then try to handle things in a very diplomatic way. Act smartly. [Read: 9 Dramatic and Weird  Things We do Post Break-Up ]

  1. Friend circle:

The qualities of a person are often judged on the basis of the friend circle he has. So be very careful in disclosing the characters of the friends you have. For you it might be a very funny thing to discuss about but on the other end your lady might also consider you in the same zone. A bad friend circle is also going to turn off a woman. [Read: 8 Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time with Your Friends ]

  1. Cleanliness:

Big hairs, long and dirty nails, smelly breath are to be strictly avoided. Your cleanliness is also going to have an impact on her. Do make yourself very presentable and fresh. Also don’t try to put on excessive cologne, but sufficient enough to smell good. Do carry a mouth freshener with you. Groom yourself up. If you put on a beard then make it a point to keep them trimmed and in shape. [Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Showing off:

It is good that you have lot of money but don’t ever try to boast over it. Don’t keep the misconception in mind that if you talk about your wealth too much then it is going to impress your date. Be a very simple yet fun loving guy. Expensive cars, clothes are good, but what a woman actually looks for is a good heart. Here too, don’t be self possessive and start appreciating yourself. If you want to share stories of your bravery then do it but don’t certify yourself with some good adjectives after that. Be honest and let her do the rest. [Read: 10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship ]

Do avoid doing the aforesaid things to enjoy a good date and let us know how well it worked.