Are You the Kind of Guy Who She can Take Home to Her Mom?

Are You the Kind of Guy Who She can Take Home to Her Mom?

Are You the Kind of Guy Who She can Take Home to Her Mom?

You are in love with a girl and she loves you too. Both of you are in a happy and secure space in your relationship but there is a thought that always plays at the back of your mind and bothers you endlessly. Will her mom accept you the way she accepts you? Moms are, usually, very protective about their daughters and are sceptical about the kind of partner her daughter chooses for herself. You might have wooed the daughter but making the mom realize that you are worthy enough to be her daughter’s life partner will be quite a task. How hard is it going to be? Well, if her mom is very liberal and gives her enough freedom she would not have an issue with her daughter choosing a partner on her own and would respect her decision. But, if she turns out to be over protective and cynical about her daughter’s choices, convincing her would be tough. Your girlfriend loves you and she would try her best to help you out for being in the good books of her mom. But, eventually it all boils down to the kind of impression you leave on her mom. You have to put your best foot forward and bring all your positive qualities to the fore. [ Read: Dating the Guy Who Still Lives With His Parents! ]

Projecting yourself

You must be conscious of the way you project yourself. You must give a good account of yourself and come across as an ideal son-in-law to her mom. Maybe your girlfriend likes your wild and playful side but her mom would not approve of it. You need to tone down your energies and put across a stable and subtle personality. Her mom would expect her son-in-law to have a calm and dignified personality. He should be a responsible man who would look after her daughter properly. [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

First impression

First impressions last forever. So, when you meet your prospective other than in-law it becomes all the more important that you leave a good impression on her. The first time you meet her might not necessarily be a formal meeting. She could drop in to visit her daughter when you are around. Even though you are not ready for such a situation, you must try your best to impress her. If it is a formal and pre-decided meeting, then you fully utilise the time to prepare yourself. Dress appropriately and gather some confidence before you go to meet her. It is your first meeting and you do not want it to be your last, right? You must be honest and able to put across your thoughts properly. Tell her how much you love her daughter and convince her you are the right guy for her. Making a good impression is very important as it gives parents the confidence that their daughter has made the right choice. It will take a lot more meetings before you convince her mother that you are the right guy for her daughter but a good first impression and a successful meeting sets the ball rolling. On the other hand, if you fail to give a good account of yourself in the first meeting and mess up things, things will only get difficult from that point.

What should I do?

If you are going to meet her mom for the first time, make sure that you are carrying some gifts along. Ask your girlfriend’s advice and buy something her mom would like. You could try to put your own thoughts behind the gifts but do experiment too much with them. Put on your best clothes. You must come across as a well to do and confident young man. The one thing that she would talk to you about is your future. Even though you are not very clear as to where your future is heading towards, you must give her an answer that would make her feel assured. You must try your best to assure that you will take care of her daughter and would make sure that she is always happy. All of us have achieved a few things in life. While you must stay modest, you should not shy away from talking about your achievements. If you do not talk about them now, when will you? Talk about all the things you have achieved in life and the many things you are capable of doing in the near future. Do not go to the extent of bragging about yourself. It will annoy her. Of course, you have your share of weaknesses too. While it is okay to not talk about all of the, you must try to be as honest as possible. They will get to know everything about you in due course of time and they should not feel you tricked them when they find out everything. [ Read: 6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You ]

Impressing your girlfriend’s mom is almost as important as winning her heart. It would be difficult for  both of you if her mom does not approve of you. You must try to leave a good impression on her mom and make her realize that her daughter would not be able to find a better person than you. Before you go about meeting her mom, you must ask yourself whether you have all those qualities that her mom seeks in her prospective son-in-law. If not, then work on yourself and try your best to come across as a guy whom her mom would approve of.