5 Unnecessary Worries That Can Ruin A Happy Relationship


5 Unnecessary Worries That Can Ruin A Happy Relationship

Look around yourself. What do you see? Do you see worries and unnecessary conflicts? You see right, absolutely right! Conflicts and fights have booked an official place in our love life. How can we stop them? Why do they have to follow us everywhere we go! Why can’t we dump them anyhow and move ahead in our life! The answer is within you. You and your unnecessary worries and thoughts are the reason behind the conflicts and fights. Try and avoid such cosmetic warring.

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5 Unnecessary Worries That Can Ruin A Happy Relationship

#1. Avoid constant phone searching

Trust is the base of any relationship. Above trust is the confidence that only comes when you both have the respective understanding. Understanding only comes with time and patience. Relax and avoid thinking too much. Know each other, let him known you and allow yourself to have a relaxed mindset. If you ever feel he/she is lying to you, ask him directly and even if you are not satisfied, then you can check his/her phone. But don’t make it a habit. If you feel they are constantly double-crossing you, leave them straight away. 

#2. Avoid listening to the third person

This is really unnecessary, I don’t find it healthy for any relationship. Why would you even listen to what any other person has to say about your partner! You know your partner more than anybody else, just have faith and smile to those Samaritan people. The more you allow them to talk, the more you are allowing them to become a permanent member of your relationship. Did you get my point? Your partner is your responsibility, the third person is there only to make your relationship worse.

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#3. Avoid changing your partner

 This is the most commonest and gravest mistake we do when we are in a relationship. We want our partner to become the way we interpret. But, how can you forget that it was due to those differences and imperfections that made you fall for him/her? If you have to change and make him/her according to your tastes and interests, then what is the use of praising their imperfections! We all different in our ways, we do have faults, flaws, but does that mean we have to become like you want us to be? 

#4. Avoid comparing

This is like hell! You know what LOVE says, LOVE says that every relationship has it’s own serene and simple observations. By comparing it with someone else’s relationship, you are actually insulting your LOVE. Have you ever thought that the relationship with which you are comparing your LOVE with has many unsaid chapters itself! From outside even a mannequin looks like a real human, but, in reality, it is nothing but a lifeless structure. Your story is yours, you had your own struggles, your own moments of joy and sorrow, isn’t it?

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#5. Avoid too high expectations

Keep your expectations low in the first two years of the relationship. Yes, you read it right, I said FIRST TWO YEARS. The reason is, allow your partner to absorb the feelings of being in a relationship,realising his responsibilities, let him feel the way you feel. I am not saying to have zero expectations but, keep it low. If he fails to do something the way you wanted, don’t just shout and go for a fight. Keep it relaxed and allow yourself to know each other. Trust me, it takes as long as two years in knowing your mate.

5 Unnecessary Worries That Can Ruin A Happy Relationship
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If you feel you can add some points to them, which you feel falls under the category of #unnecessary worries which can lead to disrupts in any relationships, you are free to add some in the comments section. Love is all about understanding, patience, and confidence.