7 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

7 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

It pains a lot when someone breaks our heart and that pain is simply incomparable. The impact of a broken heart is more if the person who breaks is someone really close. The mind seems to shut itself down and we think that we are nothing more than a burden on earth. The whole world seems to be very dull and gloomy. It is very tough to get out of the situation but to progress in life we need to shed all the emotions attached to it.

7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

The following seven ways would definitely help to get the broken heart healed. Do read and take to heart.

  1. Try to forget it just like a broken dream:

 Don’t ever try to remember what has happened. Just make your heart understand that whatever has happened was simply a very bad dream and now that it is over just get out of it and understand the other glorious aspects of life. To think about the same thing again and again is simply an act of foolishness. We cannot change whatever has happened but at least we can be strong enough to embrace the present and future with broken arms. We must always remember one very simple rule of life and that is, no one can make you cry until you give them the permission to do so. So be responsible for your happiness and simply forget about the things that makes you sad. [ Check out: Ladies, Let’s Spend Some Time Alone?


  1. Start meditation:

This is really very useful to get rid of any type of problems of life. You don’t require investing a lot of time for this purpose. You need to spend only a few minutes, maybe five or ten minutes would be sufficient enough to make things work. It would also be better if you could join yoga classes. These will not only make your mind relaxed but will also help your body to be free from any types of illness.

  1. Rediscover yourself:

The important question is that do we know ourselves yet? The answer would simply be a big no. so why wasting time in thinking and judging about who did what? Spend more time to know yourself. Point out the strengths and weaknesses that is inside you and try to work upon them. Do aim to be a good human being. Don’t waste the precious moments of life thinking about something useless. Train your mind to think positive and develop the art of bringing good thoughts to mind.

  1. Try to spend more time in social activities:

 You were so busy thinking about the pain of your broken heart that you missed out most of the real problems that are going on around you. Try to identify them and invest your time in some social work. Instead of sitting in one corner of the room and mourning, educate a few poor students. Try to focus more on their problems and do something noble. Get yourself connected to the worries that they are engulfed with. Do dedicate yourself complete to such type of works.

  1. Enjoy life:

 Always keep in mind that life is beautiful and so try to enjoy each and every moment of it. Sing, dance, paint, draw, go for trekking, learn to cook food and feed the poor for free. Life gives us endless reasons to enjoy, do utilize them to the fullest. Enjoy to such extent that you soon realize that there is no room for any useless thoughts in your mind. [ Also read: BIG Difference Between Like and Love ]

  1. Try focusing on body development:

Have you ever looked at yourself closely at the mirror? You were so busy with your broken heart that you forgot that there is handsome face hiding under that thick layer of beard. Get rid of it, and get back the real you, the person who was once loved by all. Join a gym and train your body. Do take good care of your body. With a good body and a rejuvenated mind you will see that the entire world looks so beautiful. Go ahead, jog around the streets in the morning, do push-ups, breathe the fresh air and get drowned in it.

  1. Know the world around you:

Have you ever spent some time knowing the world around you? Do you know that apart from the person who broke your heart there are so many other persons associated with your life those who really care about you and is very concerned about your happiness? take out time for them. Play with the kids who come to your garden daily. Ask the old man whom you find sitting alone in the park and smiling, about how he had spent his life. Get to know things that you have been ignoring lately.

After you have implemented these points in your life you would really feel relieved and would surely like to lead a life that you have always dreamt of. [ Read here: 10 Ways To Be Best Wife ]

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