11 Things That Make a Women Attractive to Man

11 Things That Make a Women Attractive to Man
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11 Things That Make a Women Attractive to Man

We all know that men are total visual creatures. A guy’s initial attraction will surely be dominated by a girl’s physical appearance and not towards the ones that are hidden inside her. A man can very easily be attracted to a woman physically without having feelings of love and care for the woman. But if we talk about attraction beyond physical attraction there are many things that can attract men towards a woman. There are many more things that make a man attracted towards a woman. In this article we will talk about other things that matter to a man in the long run, besides physical appearance that attract men towards a women who just want a casual relationship. [ Read: 7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache ]

After reading this article, you may end up rethinking some earlier ideas that you have had about a man being attracted towards a woman. It is a not true tot the fact that men are attracted only towards the physical appearance of a woman. This may be true to some extend but all men are do not get attracted to women on the same traits. Though they are foremost attracted to women on the basis of how they are looking, but their level of attraction does not end here.

In this article where are listing down 11 things that makes a man attracted towards a woman.

  1. Soft heartedness

A man tends to fall in love with a woman who is warm hearted or soft than with a woman who is cold. Women who are soft hearted offer warmth and acceptance easily to men. So men find this trait the best in any woman. [ Read: 11 Clear Giveaways of an Emotionally Unavailable Man ]

  1. Character

Men are attracted towards women who have a strong character. Men these days look out for women who can be trusted, who can keep up the loyalty in the relationship.

  1. Modestly

Men are more likely to get attracted towards women who are modest in dressing, talking and in behavior. They do not really being in a long-term relationship with a woman who has very high standards, especially more than him. They do not prefer to be with women who have high maintenance cost and less reliable in terms of true love. [ Read: 11 Things Men Can’t Help But Find Sexy in a Woman! ]

  1. Ambitious and independent

Men get super attracted to woman who are ambitious as well as independent. They think that they are alike and will get along pretty much well. Ambitious women are brave, confident and passionate in whatever they do. Men take such women a lot in consideration.

  1. A woman’s voice

Women are naturally gifted with a beautiful voice that men find very much attractive. Some men love a soft voice and some prefer a strong one. There are also women who have a husky voice and men love that too. According to the pitch of a woman’s voice, men usually tend to assume their nature. [ Read: 13 Qualities Every Man Secretly Wishes For In His Woman ]

  1. The Woman’s eyes

This is the facial feature towards which men are attracted the most. It is said that the eyes of a woman say a thousand words. Women sometimes do their talking with eyes and men love it. The way a woman looks at the man, what they sometimes try to say with their eyes. All these experiences are exciting for men.

  1. Affectionate and caring nature

Women are caring by nature. Men do not like women who are carefree, especially about them. A woman who is affectionate and cares for her man is more acceptable by men. They feel that these two characteristics can be beneficial for them in a long relationship and hence gets to get attracted towards it. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

  1. Women’s hair

A lady’s beauty is incomplete without her hair. Men tend to get more attracted towards women who have moderate or long hair. Girls who manage their hair well, run their hands in their hand every now and then make men easily fall for them.

  1. Fun loving

Women need to be fun loving if they want a man to be with her forever. An arrogant and self-centered woman is not the choice of many men. A woman who has a good sense of humor, who is full of fun and joy is the best a man could wish for. According to men, a woman who is fun loving is likely to fight les and argue less with their partners. [ Read: 13 Rules To Take An Inch Forward To Being A Proper Gentleman ]

  1. Feminism

Feminism is about embracing your tenderness, softness, beauty, your sweet side that men do no really possess. Men love women who are as much feminine as possible. So ladies, wear lovely dress, put on a bright lipstick and smell good. Men around you will automatically be drawn towards you.

  1. Smell good all the time

Every man can fall in love with you if smell good. Women who put on a nice fragrance, or may be a nice lotion or even its just the shampoo can attract men easily. Men start associating you with your smell. So whenever he smells the same kind of fragrance, he might just go crazy thinking about you. [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women ]

These were basically a few important things that make men get attracted towards women. But it is important to note that every man is not the same, every man does not think alike. Every man has his own unique choice. The points given above are a few common traits for getting attracted towards a woman of his choice.